• Bikepacking Japan

    It’s 5:45 p.m. on a Friday in downtown Tokyo and I’m lurching down the bustling sidewalk with 50-pound box packed with my bicycle and everything I’ll need for a ten-day ride around Japan. I know I’m looking for Sophiearth Hostel, but I have only the faintest idea how to get there ...

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  • Adventure, Courtesy of the Forest Service

    There’s something about a topographical map that gets me in the mood for an adventure. More than a typical highway map, a topo goes off road, detailing the hidden valleys and mountain passes accessible only to those willing to brave the briars on foot — or fatbike.

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  • Camp Harrison

    Harrison, one of the “bike shop guys,” and expert, handcrafted frame-bag artist, offered to expand our horizons by suggesting a new route.

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  • Look who's laughing now, clown!

    After successfully running tubeless tires on my Salsa Fargo for many miles, I have fully embraced the tubeless movement. So, naturally, when the Surly Ice Cream Truck came into my life, I wanted to run my Bud and Lou’s tubeless.

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  • A Birthday In the Clouds

    "Our ride back through the fog was pure joy, each of us setting our own pace, disappearing and reappearing through the clouds as we navigated the ups and downs of the trail."

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  • Why are you afraid?

    I think a number of Tour Divide riders experience fear at some point along their journey. And I mean genuine fear, not just your basic worry about strange noises coming from your bike, nagging saddle sores, or the possibility of having consumed contaminated water. I mean fear for your life.

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  • Dirty Bike

    Bikepacking Arkansas is a website dedicated to dirty bikes. ‘Cause that’s what you get when you brave the myriad rugged roads and trails in this state. From the Ouachitas to the Ozarks, over IMBA Epic trails and lost forest roads, Arkansas offers the best there is. So, pack up some stuff and go for an overnight!

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Start here if you’re ready for an adventure. Each route has been quality checked for a guaranteed good ride. Download the route’s associated .GPX file to your GPS device and carve out a weekend to go.


So you went out and spent some hard-earned cash on bikepacking gear and now you want to talk about it. Tires? Bar tape? Bags? Trouble with tubeless? Can’t keep your bike clean?


Triumph and tragedy. A good bikepacking tale usually has a little bit of both. These are stories about bikepacking in Arkansas and Arkansans bikepacking in yonder lands.

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