Each year Christ Episcopal Church in Little Rock holds a parish retreat. We pack up the boardgames, books, and kids and head up to Petit Jean Mountain for a little R & R with good folks and food. There is always a teaching component built in to the weekend schedule usually with a topic of current personal interest to a member of the clergy. And this year, fresh off his sabbatical in the UK, the rector introduced us to a little-known gem he discovered: The Idler Academy. The Idler is a “company devoted to helping people to lead more fulfilled lives” by encouraging, well, idleness.Read More →

Gotta love the Ouachita National Forest! Here’s another route that leaves from the Lake Sylvia Campground parking lot — just 45 minutes from Little Rock off Highway 9/10. It’s kind of a “greatest hits” route with varied terrain and a campsite that rivals “the perfect campsite.” Harrison, one of the “bike shop guys,” and expert, handcrafted frame-bag artist, offered to expand our horizons by suggesting a new route. He had been to this campsite once before, “AKA Camp Harrison,” but traveled there by car. Thanks to Google Maps he was able to piece together a promising path for adventurous bikepackers. Unlike the other Sylvia ridesRead More →

After successfully running tubeless tires on my Salsa Fargo for many miles, I have fully embraced the tubeless movement. I had only ONE flat on the entire 2700-mile Tour Divide last year, and that happened just 300 miles from Antelope Wells (the sealant held the puncture until 40 miles from the finish, when I finally threw in a tube). These days it’s actually hard to ignore the merits of “going tubeless.” Not only do you virtually eliminate flats, but you also get better traction and are generally able to run your tires at a lower pressure, allowing for a smoother ride over bumpy terrain. So,Read More →