headshotJason Alexander is an Arkansan who loves to bike. He’s also a backpacker, web designer, and sucker for a good adventure story. Add all that up and “Bikepacking Arkansas” is a no-brainer. When he’s not out somewhere on his bike or playing Minecraft with his kids he’s probably doing something priestly at an Episcopal Church in Arkansas.

jamanheadshotNeed to know the quickest and coolest way to get from here to there in Little Rock on a bike? Ask Jaman Matthews. Want to weigh the pros and cons of various kid-hauling contraptions? Ask Jaman Matthews. Looking for advice on how to grow tomatoes from seeds taken from a McDonald’s Big Mac? Yup. Jaman also curates the Sixth Street Library at Christ Church in Little Rock (and rides his bike there to do it).

mattheadshotMatt Murphy is a “roadie” who recently discovered that there is more to biking than hill sprints and flashy kits. He still sprints up hills (and likes to look good doing it) but now with lots of stuff strapped to his bike. Matt is the president of Conway Advocates for Bicycling and a connesuir of bike gadgets. He’s also liable to go on a rant about motorists not obeying the three-foot rule!