Tour Divide

The Tour Divide is a 2700 mile off-road race from Banff in Alberta, Canada to the US/Mexico border crossing at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The race is self-supported and loosely organized, which adds to its allure. Participants are invited to show up in Banff on the second Friday in June to begin the race.

The riding terrain is incredibly varied, ranging from dusty forest roads to hike-a-bike single track to pavement (and only just a bit of this!). And the scenery is almost always breathtaking. The Adventure Cycling Association, along with Matthew Lee, race organizer and multi-year competitor, created the route. It changes slightly each year due to environmental factors which is why having an updated GPS track is crucial. Participants download these each year at Topo Fusion.

The track below is a personal recording of my 2015 journey down the route, so it includes all my missed turns and subsequent backtracks as well as a few loops around the Orange Peal bike shop in Steamboat Springs, CO when I was testing out a new chain and cable. The track on the map has been reduced to 993 points from nearly 92K in order to make it load more quickly, so some detail is missing.

Download the full GPX (92K points).
This route is 2692 miles end to end.

See full screen

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