Sylvia 50

Sylvia 50 is a mostly mellow dirt road cruiser. No crazy hike-a-bikes on this one, but there are a couple of steep and loose downhills to watch out for. The real draw on this ride is the quick access to fantastic views. Look for the awesome camp site with a fire ring when you get to 1650 feet. It’s about 26.5 miles in if you’re going counter-clockwise.

And just in case you spend too much time hanging out at your campsite or enjoying the view and you’re running low on time you can cut off about 7 miles. If you’re going counter-clockwise you can catch the shortcut by taking a right at the Flatside Wilderness sign around mile 36.5 (big, monolith looking thing hiding in the bushes off to the left).

This route is a 50 mile loop.
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