Sylvia 70

Going in a clockwise direction, this route starts with a climb of over two miles which will get your legs warmed up! There is a brief bit of downhill before you turn and tackle the most technical climb of the entire ride. This one mile climb is deeply rutted and chunky in spots. On the backside of this climb is a technical downhill with rock gardens and some deep ruts. At approximately mile 7 you will be dumped out on the autotour route. You then have approximately 20 miles of rollers with a gradual increase in overall elevation (more up than down).

Sylvia 70 is a longer version of the 50 with approximately 14 miles west of hwy 7. Once you cross Highway 7, there is moderate rolling climbing for about three miles. Once you top out near 1500 feet, there is almost 10 miles of gradual downhill to some of the lowest elevations you will see on the route. Due to the constant elevation loss, this section moves quickly but is quite chunky in spots so be aware of what’s in front of you. This area contains canyons with steep walls and many concrete low water crossings. Flash flooding is a risk in this area during periods of heavy rain.

After you meet back up with highway 7, head south for a few minutes before you turn onto the FS Road right before Sugar Creek. This is a moderate/steep section of doubletrack which will take you up 1000 feet over the next 5 miles. Some of the best views in the OAF can be found on the ridgeline towards the end of this 5 mile climb.

After mile 47 to mile 60 there are more rollers but the grades get steeper. Downhills are fast and quick with climbs being slower than the climbing in the first half of the ride. Towards the end of section the route gets twistier. Overall elevation is gradually decreasing from the highs of the ridgeline.

Miles 60 to 67 are mostly fast downhill with a few switchback turns. Mile 67 dumps you out on pavement and it’s just a few miles uphill back to the start.

This route is a 70 mile loop.
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