Follow my "Spot Dot" on the Arizona Trail

On Saturday, September 22 I’ll embark on a bikepacking tour of the Arizona Trail. That morning, the map below ought to begin to track my progress every five minutes. It’s always energizing (and a comfort) to know that I’ll have some friends along for the ride – albeit via satellite. For more detail about the terrain I’ll be traveling, and my likely stops along the way, download a map of my route and the corresponding elevation relief.

Update 9/24 - Alas, it seems a thru-bike of the AZT wasn’t meant to be. After two days mostly hike-a-biking the fifty miles from the Mexico/US border to Patagonia I decided to come on home (I’m in the car now, nearing the TX/AR line). My mother, who dropped me off at the trailhead on Sunday was still in the area and was able to pick me up in Patagonia. Thanks Mom! The scenery was gorgeous – I found one of the greatest campsites of all time – and yet the midday heat and the extreme exertion involved in pushing a seventy pound bike up the loose, rocky hills cancelled out the fun factor fast, and I’m pretty sure I was close to heat exhaustion. It was a tough decision to call it, but also an easy one once I realized what would be safest. Although the experience was shorter than planned, there’s still a good story in it – I just need some time to sort it all out in my mind.

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