Fat Pursuit!

Just a quick note to give the tracking links for the Fat Pursuit ride. Trackleaders is monitoring the race here. And my personal track is below.

The race is a lot like the Susitna 100 I did last year (see my Rolling on the River post) but about 15 miles longer and has quite a bit more elevation change. The Fat Pursuit takes place in the “Yellowstone ecosystem” right on the border of Idaho and Wyoming, so it’s bound to be beautiful. Looking forward to this adventure!

Update 8 p.m. - Dad and I just returned from the pre-race meeting and dinner. It was encouraging and inspring to meet the fellow riders–adventurous spirits all. Jay and Tracey Petervery are fine hosts, and you can tell this is a labor of love for them. It’s an honor to be among this crew.

Update 10 a.m., 1/6 - An incredible ride! Although a significant snow dump beginning around 10 last night prevented me from completing the ride, I feel like I gave this one my all and am satisfied with the outcome. I bivvied out from 2 to 5 this morning and hiked back to the West Yellowstone checkpoint (a feat in and of itself) to find my dad ready with the car. Always grateful for the support crew!

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