First Time Out

If this is your first time riding out in the Lake Sylvia area this would be a good route to pick, as its name suggests. Pretty much any way you go out here, you’re looking at climbing about 100 feet per mile, however, this route takes more of a gradual approach. Rather than hitting the typical Ouachita rollercoaster right off, the first 20-ish miles of this 33 mile route climb at a more manageable grade.

The ride begins with about five miles of pavement, doubling back from the Lake Sylvia parking lot and then taking a left onto Blue Jay Hollow (Bigger Loop also begins this way). About fourteen miles in you’ll come across, which is a prime location for large bikepacking parties – lots of space for camping and a well-used central fire ring. The route continues along the ridge of Link Mountain and then doubles back towards Flatside Pinnacle, past North Fork Pinnacle and down the final two-mile descent back to the parking lot. The most challenging climb is the quarter mile up to Flatside Pinnacle. Save an extra Rice Crispy treat for this one.

This route is a 33 mile loop.
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