The Original Slobberknocker

In 2014, when I was contemplating giving the Tour Divide a go, I needed to find a place nearby where I could spend some long days in the saddle on challenging “B-road” terrain. I asked a guy in the bike shop and he said “well, I guess you could go do loops out at Sylvia.” Little did I know that his suggestion would introduce me to such a gem!

I had heard that the Slobberknocker race had been held out at Sylvia – apparently no longer – but I was able to find an old GPX of the original route, and this is it. The Slobberknocker racers would do this loop twice. The rock garden climb up Reform Road is pretty memorable, as is the hill down on the other side. As I recall, I biffed it there awhile back, as did Harrison of “Camp Harrison” fame.

This route is a 32.7 mile loop.
Download the GPX.

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