South Winona Loop

The South Winona Loop is a great way to explore the southern part of the Sylvia forest road network – particularly if you’re not up for Big Loop or Bigger Loop. The main attractions here are the string of good camping spots along the southern part of the loop and getting to cross the Winona spillway. Lake Winona is a reserve watershed for the Little Rock area so access to the shore of the lake is prohibited (you’ll see the signs and fences). Just be aware that if it has been raining a lot and the lake is high the spillway may have water barreling down it. I had to CAREFULLY wade across this at night once, and I don’t recommend it. If it’s too deep you’ll have to double back and log another 20-ish miles to get back around the lake. That said, this is one of my favorite routes!

Check out this USGS page for current water level information. If the gage height is over 40 feet then water is flowing over the spillway.

This route is a 33 mile loop.
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